3 okt. 2019


Some time ago a gentleman taking holiday in a rural district came across a little boy minding sheep. The stranger entered into conversation with the lad, and asked him if he knew the 23rd Psalm.

The little fellow answered "No."

"Then let me teach you the first sentence," said, the gentleman."Say these words after me, 'The — Lord — is — my — Shepherd!'" The boy repeated the words. "Now repeat each word again, and count a finger as you do so; in this way. And he told off a finger at each of the words. "And when you come to that word my, grip your fourth finger tightly with your other hand, and never forget, my lad, that the Lord is not only a Shepherd but your Shepherd." 

The stranger went his way, and the boy told his parents at night of the strange gentleman and his lesson. During the following winter the snow fell heavily in that district. One day the boy and his sheep were missed. They were discovered in a deep drift. After the sheep had been dug out, the search party came upon the dead body of the boy — his left fourth finger tightly grasped in his right hand. 

Now the sequel. A distinguished Baptist minister was quite recently preaching Sunday school anniversary sermons in a northern town. Not far from the chapel lived the M.P. for the district. He was rich toward man, but not rich toward God. He had a great fondness for hearing children's voices; and when he heard of the anniversary services he decided to attend the afternoon meeting for the children. The preacher told the simple story given above and presently the service ended. 

During the following days the rich man was taken ill, and died somewhat suddenly. When the doctors came to examine him, they found him already dead, and clasping his left fourth finger with his right hand. Not in vain did the stranger teach the shepherd lad; not in vain did the preacher tell the simple child's, story; not in vain is the sequel, now printed.

Let every, one who reads this remember as he goes through life that "The Lord is my Shepherd."

🐏  The Lord is my shepherd by C.H. Spurgeon
 🐏 Boy soprano singing The Lord is my shepherd

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  1. Aritha the story as well as the beautiful voice of Joseph McManners singing the song was so full of encouragement. Thank you for sharing today. Hugs!

  2. Oh what a wonderful story, Aritha! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. It will stick in my mind every time I read the 23rd Psalm from now on...and I believe God will use it to bless others as well. Thank you so much. God bless you.

  3. De Heer is mijn Herder is zo mooi en diep ontroerend!

  4. Sad story because of the deaths, but a good story because The Lord is My Shepherd! Thank you!

  5. How every word counts! He is mine
    And I am His!