27 nov. 2018


My friend Avis shared this little story on her Facebook. I really love it:

Robert Lewis Stevenson, best known for his adventure story Treasure Island, was in poor health during much of his childhood and youth. One night his parents found him with his nose pressed against the frosty pane of his bedroom window. Child, come away from there. You'll catch your death of cold, his mother fussed.

But young Robert wouldn't budge. He sat, mesmerized, as he watched an old lamplighter slowly working his way through the black night, lighting each street lamp along his route. Pointing, Robert exclaimed: See; look there; there's a man poking holes in the darkness. (Peter James Flamming)

šŸ™ My Prayer  

Dear heavenly Father, today I feel so oppressed by the powers of this broken world. Hold me fast, Lord and poke holes in my darkness. Shine upon me. Don't hide your face from me. Give me strength to deal with the difficulties on my path and with my doubts. Help me in Jesus name. Amen.

Psalm 143
Don’t hide your face from me,
or I’ll be like those who drop down into a pit.
Make me hear of your love in the morning,
because I rely on you.
Make me know the way I should walk,
because I entrust myself to you.
Adonai, rescue me from my enemies;
I have hidden myself with you.
Teach me to do your will,
because you are my God;
Let your good Spirit guide me
on ground that is level.

  •  Marty Goetz and his daughter Misha singing the Aaronic Benediction. šŸŽ¼ 


What feels like darkness to you is not darkness to God. He’s in the bright light, and he knows how to take care of you. 

If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me;
Even the night shall be light about me.
Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee;
But the night shineth as the day:
The darkness and the light are both alike to thee.

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  1. "See; look there; there's a man poking holes in the darkness."

    Amen. Amen. This hit the spot today, Aritha! I read a news story yesterday that I wish I hadn't...some things are better not to know. And a thing online that showed the horrible history of an area far, faraway from here and long, long ago, but...I wish I hadn't seen it. UGH. When will I learn to turn the world OFF?

    But it is so good, so good, to remember this. Even the darkness will not be dark to you.

    It's good to see Marty Goetz here too! I have listened to his music since the early 90's. :) peace...Shalom!

    1. I was so thankful for your comment. šŸ™ I prayed today for you.

  2. Awwwwwww...I'm glad you enjoyed that post! I want to be someone like that lamplighter, poking holes in the darkness.

    It is so encouraging what John Piper said, "What feels like darkness to you is not darkness to God!"

  3. Beautiful! I love that about poking holes in the darkness!! We are commanded to be the light so its a perfect message for this time of year as the days get darker, but also once they get to the darkest, the days return to increasing light. Its also the message of Hannukah!! Do you light a Menorah Aritha? I think it would really bless you. There are very simple ways to make one and just need 8 candles and holder. Let me know if you are interested to know more, or maybe I will post about it inspired by your post and the hope that even a tiny light brings into a dark space. Blessings and Love!!

    1. Hi Aritha, this is a link that has many simple ways to make the menorah!!
      Please see the "DIY HANNUKAH" , in the first few pages of the PDF there are some great ideas!!

  4. PS Thank you for sharing the beautiful song and blessing. Do you know this song, its by Marty and Misha for the holidays, Maoz Tzur and Hark the Herald Angels! Probably you know it, but just sharing it for anyone who might not know it!! Much Love

  5. Heel mooi. Heb de laatste alinea opgezocht want ik wist: dit is uit de psalmen maar welke? 139:11 en 12 dus.

  6. This is a lovely post and I say 'Amen' to every word written.

    1. Brenda, glad you are here to read. Have a nice Saterday.

  7. Reacties
    1. Mariska, jij bedankt dat je even de tijd genomen hebt.

  8. Dear Aritha such an uplifting post. The song was beautiful. I took time to read your previous post and visit Judith Knowles. Wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

  9. O, Aritha wat mooi om te lezen en de video van Marty en Misha is ook prachtig.
    Had die nog niet eerder gehoord en heb ook die van Shayndel bekeken, mooi!!!

  10. How blessed that we know the Light of the world! And it is good that we can poke some holes in the darkness ourselves.

    Sadly there is little sign that RLS, who came from Edinburgh, as I do, have any light of God in his soul.

    1. When that is true, and I believe you, then is that so sad.