24 okt. 2018


Looking for quotes about sunflowers, I came across an old meditation written by the famous preacher C.H Spurgeon. It's about flowers and believers. That was surprising for me. Why? 

When I was a young believer I struggled with doubts. Why did I not have the same spiritual experiences as others in the church? Why does the Lord lead me so gently, while others went through dark valleys? 


Repentance should be accompanied by much struggle, many tribulations, troubles, trials and chastisements according our church system. And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly ( my person) and the sinner appear? Hyper - Calvinism takes a biblical doctrine, God’s sovereignty, and pushes it to an unbiblical extreme, you know.

But I experienced the overflowing love of a gracious God for someone who had ignored Him for years.

  • Now I am an older believer
  • I still love my former church an I pray for the church (it was the church where God called me out of the darkness into His wonderful light). 
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  • 19 years ago we went to another church, because we were no longer welcome to participate in the sacraments because we thought differently about justification than the church council prescribed. It is good to be in this church. There is no ideal church on earth. 
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  • I love my God for more than 30 years. And still He loves me from eternity. I learned through the years that God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us.
  • That's why I love to read what Charles Spurgeon is writing about this topic. Read it below ⇣


Many persons are greatly disquieted in mind because their experience of conviction or comfort has not been like that of others. They fancy that they cannot have come to Christ aright because they have not felt precisely the same joys or expressions as certain saints of whom they have read.

Now, should these good people be so troubled? We think not. Uniformity is not God's rule of working either in nature or in grace. No two human faces display exactly the same lineaments; sons of the same mother, born at the same birth, may be as different as Jacob and Esau. Not even in leagues of forest will two leaves be found in all respects alike. Diversity is the rule of nature, and let us rest assured that variety is the rule of grace.

Mr. Beecher has given us this truth in a very beautiful form in the following lines:

What if God should command the flowers to appear before him, and the sunflower should come bending low with shame because it was not a violet, and the violet should come striving to lift itself up to be like a sunflower, and the lily should seek to gain the bloom of the rose, and the rose the whiteness of the lily; and so, each one disdaining itself, should seek to grow into the likeness of the other?" God would say, 'Stop foolish flowers! I gave you your own forms and hues, and odours, and I wish you to bring what you have received. O, sunflower, come as a sunflower; and you sweet violet, come as a violet; let the rose bring the rose's bloom, and the lily the lily's whiteness.' Perceiving their folly, and ceasing to long for what they had not, violet and rose, lily and geranium, mignionette and anemone, and all the floral train would come, each in its own loveliness, to send up its fragrance as incense, and all wreathe themselves in a garland of beauty about the throne of God.

A Friendship Bouquet 

The saints are one in Christ Jesus, but they are not one in their peculiarities. Be we who we may, if we rest on the Redeemer our eternal life is sure; and if not, we are dead while we live. What is Jesus Christ to me? That is the main question. 

🌻🌹🌼 If he is my all, then all is well.

Source: C. H. Spurgeon

You are my strength when I am weak
You are the treasure that I seek
You are my all in all

Seeking You as a precious jewel
Lord to give up I'd be a fool
You are my all in all

Jesus Lamb of God worthy is your name
Jesus Lamb of God worthy is your name

Taking my sin my cross my shame
Rising again I bless your name
You are my all in all

When I fall down you pick me up
When I am dry You fill my cup
You are my all in all

Jesus Lamb of God worthy is your name
Jesus Lamb of God worthy is your name

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  1. Mooi Aritha, welke bloem ben jij? :-) Wij hebben voor ons huwelijk Het chequeboek van het geloof - Spurgeon gekregen. Ik word echt opgebouwd door zijn teksten.

    1. Ja, wij hebben dat boek ook. Het heeft een gele kaf bij ons. Zonnebloemgeel :-)

  2. I love that song. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  3. Beautiful thoughts and an especially beautiful song. Peace and blessings to you and yours.

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    1. Ik vind het ook zo mooi en ik kende het niet. Ik zocht naar een gedicht eigenlijk en toen kwam ik het tegen. Bedankt voor je reactie.

  5. Truly, truly BEAUTIFUL! Wow!! Thank you, LORD!!!

  6. Aritha that is one of my most favorite songs. Thank you too for sharing your thoughts on Calvinism. I always come away from your blog inspired to love the Lord more. Hugs!

    1. Debbie, it is a new song for me. I love it too. You make me so glad and thankful with your comment. Big hug!