20 sep. 2017

I like to see my Saviour on the hills!

In the summer we were for a week in Germany, in a region with low mountains. It was so amazing! The hills with pine trees, the beautiful views. I suddenly remembered it when I read Spurgeon's quote:

"I confess I have no sympathy with the good man, who, when he went down the Rhine, secluded himself in his cabin so that he might not see the river and the mountains lest he should be absorbed in them, and forget his Saviour.

I like to see my Saviour on the hills, and by the shores of the sea. I hear my Father’s voice in the thunder, and listen to the whispers of his love in the cadence of the sunlit waves. These are my Father’s works, and therefore I admire them, and I seem all the nearer to him when I am among them.

If I were a great artist, I should think it a very little compliment if my son came into my house, and said he would not notice the pictures I had painted, because he only wanted to think of me. By this he would condemn my paintings, for if they were good for anything, he would be glad to see my hand in them. Oh, but surely, everything that comes from the hand of such a Master Artist as God has something in it of himself! The Lord rejoices in his works, and shall not his people do so?"

Do you also love God creation? What do you like more: hills or the sea?
I love both! šŸ’“

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  1. I love both! When I see the hills, I think of the Bible verse "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help!" Psalm 121:1 AND Psalm 89:9 says "Thou rulest the raging of the sea..." Both speak to me of my Creator! Both cause me to worship my all-powerful God!

    1. Thank you so much Avis for sharing the wonderful Psalms! Love it.

  2. Beautiful post Ariella. I love both.

  3. I love both.
    I live by the sea and love it but I also love the hills very much.

  4. I was raised in a small town in a valley in east Tennessee mountains. I see God in mountains, rivers, oceans, etc.

  5. I love both! Beautiful post. I love the photos I see of the cliffs and the hills by the ocean.

  6. Hills or the sea? We live near the Smoky Mountains and I simply love them. I do like to visit the ocean, but I'm a firm believer that God plants us where He wants us to bloom! LOVE this post, sweet Friend. Thanks so much for sharing!