Christ is my Peace, and I am saved.

When a poor bricklayer who had fallen from a great height was lying fatally injured he was visited by a minister in the neighbourhood. On entering the cottage he said: "My dear man, I am afraid you are dying. I exhort you to make your peace with God." "Make my peace with God, sir?" asked the poor bricklayer. "Why? That was made eighteen hundred years ago, when my great and glorious Lord paid all my debt upon the cruel tree. Christ is my Peace, and I am saved."

For he is our peace, who hath made both one, and hath broken down the middle wall of partition between us. Ephesians 2:14

1.  Christ Jesus is the author of all our peace.
  • In restoring the amity and friendship which we had in creation, but lost by the Fall.
  • In vanquishing those enemies which had taken us captive, and wrongfully detained us.
2. There was a separation between Jew and Gentile, before they came to be in Christ.
3. The way to obtain peace is to take away that which bars it. To make two rooms into one, you must beat down the wall which forms the partition. (Paul Bayne.)

Is Jesus Christ your personal Peace-maker, or Mediator of peace?

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  1. I needed this today Ariella. Thanks for reminding me of the power of Christ and His sacrifice. You speak the truth and the Holy Spirit is alive in your faith. GBY, your family and friends.

  2. Amen....the brick layer had His peace and assured where he was going.
    Thank you Ariella
    Blessings to you